Monday, December 24, 2007

Remarkably Mark #113

Remarkably Mark #113: Have Yourself an Audra Little Christmas

One of my favorite singers in the world, Broadway (and Private Practice) star Audra MacDonald, sings both traditional spirituals and modern holiday classics with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Not exactly Podsafe, but I love me some Audra!

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Help Bury a Hero

This is from the blog of Alive in Baghdad:

Ali Shafeya Al-Moussawi was born in 1984 on December 16th, he was killed on December 14th, 2007.

We are collecting donations for the funeral and his family. You can make a donation via Paypal to smallworldnews (at) . If you would like to make a donation by mail or via a different payment service please email us directly at the previous address. We have raised nearly $600 until now, but more will help. His mother and sister are displaced Iraqis leaving in Syria without employment.

Ali lived in Habibya, it’s considered as a part of the Sadr city. On Friday the 14th at 11:30pm Baghdad time, Iraqi National Guard forces raided the street where Ali’s house is, one of the neighbors heard a gun firing after 15 minutes from the arrival of the Iraqi National Guard convoy to the street, the force left at 3:00am. His neighbors kept calling Ali’s phone and it was switched off all the time, so they called his cousin Amar because he lives one block away from where Ali lives.

Amar arrived in Ali’s house and found Ali shoot dead in the living room, Amar called the Iraqi Police and told them the story as he heard it from Ali’s neighbors. At 8:30 am Baghdad time the Iraqi Police took Ali’s body to the morgue, his two uncles received the body at 10:00am and they headed to Najaf to bury him.

Amar said the neighbor who lives in the front of his house was shot dead too during that raid, the guy’s name is Hussein and he is 26 years old. He was in his place along with his brother and nephew. The brother and the nephew disappeared after the convoy left.

The morgue report says that Ali took 31 bullets between the chest and the head and died immediately. He will be missed and remembered. His two brothers were killed in the Firdos Square bombing in 2005. He is survived by his mother and sister. As written above, we are collecting donations for his family via Paypal and mail at smallworldnews (at) No amount is too small, and anything will be appreciated.

This is important work that Brian and his team are doing. This is the real thing, and Ali paid a high price. I contributed a small amount, please find it in your heart to help his family in their time of dire need.

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Remarkably Mark #112

Remarkably Mark #112: Take a Liking to a Viking

I was invited by my friends at the Swedish Tourist Office to a fun event at the Ritz Lounge on 46th St. called "Take a Liking to a Viking", celebrating the partnership between Sweden and Denmark, and promoting 2 big events coming up: Europride 2008, hosted in Stockholm, and The World Outgames 2009 in Copenhagen. I hear all about them from my new Viking friends!

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