Sunday, October 21, 2007

On The Tequila Trail #3: Sip it, Don't Slam It

On The Tequila Trail #3: Sip It, Don't Slam It - How to Taste Tequila

Join Chef Mark at Tommy's Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco with proprietor Julio Bermejo, the foremost tequila expert in the US, as he shows Mark how to taste fine 100% agave tequila. We learn about the taste characteristics which distinguish the Amatitan Valley from the Highlands, and the differences in flavor, aroma, and mouth feel between Partida Blanco, Reposado and AƱejo.

On The Tequila Trail is a production of the Culinary Media Network (

Music: Courtesy of Talking Taco Music

Enchiladas Rojas by Frank Corrales and Ben Tavera King from Burning Desires, available as a CD and download at or

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