Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bum Rush The Charts


“March 22nd you all have an assignment. An assignment to buy a specific track from iTunes both for a good cause AND to show the power and community of new media.”
- C. C. Chapman, Accident Hash

Podcasting gets little respect from corporate media. What they don't understand is that podcasting is more than just a delivery mechanism - it's a social movement. People are growing sick of the watered-down, cookie-cutter content that networks and record companies expect us to enjoy. We want and deserve more.

On March 22, 2007, we’re going to put an independent, podsafe band at the top of the iTunes Charts. We've also signed up as an affiliate of the iTunes Music Store, and every commission made on the sale of the song will be donated to college scholarships, partly because it's a worthy cause, but also partly because college students are among the most misunderstood and underestimated groups of people by big media.

Here’s how you can participate:

Step 1. Write down and share this address:
You'll need it on the big day.

Step 2. Set up reminders for yourself - Google Calendar, Outlook, MySpace, doesn't matter. Mark the date carefully. March 22, 2007. On that day, and that day alone, buy the track Mine Again for a mere 99 cents. (you can, of course, buy the album, but the minimum participation requirement is that 99 cent purchase).

Step 3. Add a badge to your home page, MySpace page, web site, whatever. Need the code? Just copy and paste this text:

[a href="">
[img src="" border="0" /]
(replace the [ ] with < > )

Step 4. Tell people about what's going on. There will be plenty of promos and things later on, but start spreading the word now - MySpace bulletins, emails, promos, whatever you can think of to spread the word.

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