Monday, October 06, 2008

Remarkably Mark #146: The Honeymoon's Over!

Remarkably Mark #146: The Honeymoon's Over!

Maggie Mack from joins me for a recap of the first 2 episodes of The Amazing Race. The Honeymoon's Over!

Theme Music: "Viva Remarkably Mark!" by John Ong.

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At 12:06 AM, Anonymous DaveinSeattle said...

Welcome back! Someone else is watching Amazing Race!

At 3:24 PM, Anonymous Adam said...

I'm loving the fact that you're doing Amazing Race podcasts again! Even abroad, I still find some time for the Amazing Race...and I love hearing your perspective on all of the crazy things these people say and do...Good times with Chef Mark!

I'm greatly looking forward to your next show!


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