Friday, October 13, 2006

Remarkably Mark #28

Remarkably Mark #28: Skyping with Sara on Friday the 13th

Miss Sara from How Much Do We Love joins me on skype for some Friday the 13th chat, superstitions, and the funny stories about them. Plus a little Project Runway update.

Theme Music: "Viva Remarkably Mark!" by John Ong.

Voice Mail line: 1-646-797-3196
skype: remarkablepalate

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At 10:09 PM, Anonymous John Maillot said...

Funny show, I had to travel for a business meeting on he 13th and even though I'm not superstitious but I did give it some thought! It was a miserable trip, but that is just air travel in America......

At 12:35 AM, Blogger Bryan Carlson said...

Miss Sara,

Those Granny Panties of the week sound deelicious! Nothing hotter than a sweet pair of Granny Panties, the hearts are HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Owwwwwww


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